About Tū Tonu

Here at Tū Tonu, we are dedicated to setting new physical rehabilitation standards. Tū Tonu provides a community of practice where clinicians and traditional healers will work collaboratively, combining clinically-proven rehabilitation and preventative methods with indigenous modalities and approaches to improving health. Through this unique blended model of delivery along with our education programmes, Tū Tonu also aims to address rampant long-term health conditions that have a disproportionate impact on Māori, such as diabetes, lung disease and chronic pain.

Our Identity

The name ‘Tū Tonu’ can be interpreted in a variety of ways. The usage of the word ‘Tū’ refers to standing up and overcoming adversity, which within this context could translate to health concerns through injury or illness. The word ‘Tonu’ suggests an elongated period, which speaks to our long-term commitment to journey with whānau back to full health, to reach beyond the individual and connect with whānau, hapū and iwi, and to advocate for, educate and promote sustained lifestyle changes that will improve long-term overall health.  


The Tū Tonu brand-mark is a representation of who we are and what we do. The complete logo is constructed from two elements:

the Tohu (symbol) and the Tū Tonu name (wordmark). 

The wordmark is confident, bold, and unique to the Tū Tonu identity. There is a raranga or woven pattern through the logo and its meaning is threefold.  Firstly, the woven pattern represents interconnectedness and the confluence of holistic hauora services in this space.  Secondly, the harakeke (flax plant) itself, which is renown in te ao Māori for its wide-ranging uses including rongoā or medicinal applications, pays tribute to the mātauranga associated with traditional Māori healing practices.  Thirdly, through the art of raranga the whenu (strips) of the harakeke come together to create a kete, which is a representation of the repository of skills, tools and knowledge that tangata whaiora bring into this space. Tū Tonu aspires to contribute to each kete through the sharing of knowledge and practices that further support hauora.

Tu Tonu Logo.png

The tohu encompasses a whare (house) made from two ‘T’ letter forms, which stand for the ‘Tū Tonu’ name.  The whare symbolises stability, safe space, kaitiakitanga, manaakitanga, and shelter.

Inside the whare stands a figure who represents Tūmatauenga.  Tūmatauenga is holding a tewhatewha, which symbolises strength, courage, and resilience.  Although Tūmatauenga is commonly considered to be the ‘god of war’, he is known in Tainui narratives as the ancestor of humankind.  Tū Tonu acknowledges Ngāti Wairere as mana whenua over the land where Tū Tonu is situated, and the direct whakapapa from Tūmatauenga to Ngāti Wairere is celebrated in this space.